Digital Podcast Search Service

Create Applications Using the Digital Podcast Search Service

The Digital Podcast Search Service allows you to access Digital Podcast's content and services in your favorite programming languages. This means you can now build Digital Podcast directly into your own applications.

How do I get started?

  1. Online Documentation

    Read the the online documentation and FAQs.

  2. Get an Application ID

    To access the Podcast Search Service, you will need to get an application ID. Like a browser's User-Agent string, the Application ID uniquely idenfies your application and has no effect on rate limiting.

  3. Download the SDK

    The development kit includes BSD licensed examples for PHP and other languages to come.

What else do I need to know?

The Digital Podcast Search Service is a REST based service and operates via HTTP requests just like your web browser.

Requests are formed by starting with a service entrypoint URL (such as and adding query arguments to specify the search results desired (such as ?keywords=music). The results returned by the service are in XML, and are available in RSS, OPML directory format and OPML RSS aggregator import format. Your programs can use these services by submitting a request, fetching the response, and parsing the returned XML to extract the information you need.

Digital Podcast imposes two technical requirements on usage of these services. First, we require that each application that uses these APIs be registered with us and assigned an Application ID. This Application ID must be sent with each request in the 'appid' parameter. Second, we limit the frequency by which any computer may access these services. These rate limits are currently set at 1,000 queries per user per day.

The following documents explain the Digital Podcast Search Service

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