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Request parameters

Parameter Value Description
appid string (required) The Application ID
keywords string (required) The query to search for.
start integer: default 0 Zero-based index of the first desired result.
results integer: default 10, max 50 The number of results to return.
sort rel(default), alpha, hits, votes, subs, rating, new Specifies the type of sort to be used for selecting the podcasts to be returned by the search. rel returns based on relevance, alpha returns based on alpha, hits returns based on most click throughs, votes returns most rated podcasts, subs returns podcasts with the most inclusions in user subscription lists, rating returns highest rated podcasts, new returns podcasts sorted by most recent addition to directory
searchsource all(default), title all searches title, keywords, description and url. title limits search to podcast title.
format opml(default), rssopml,rss Specifies the kind of format the podcast search service produces. opml produces standard directory opml, rssopml produces an xml file used for importing into rss aggregators. rss produces an xml file in RSS 2.0 format
contentfilter nofilter(default), noadult, noexplicit, clean, explicit, adult nofilter no filter on results. noadult filters out podcasts with a content rating of adult only. noexplicit filters out podcasts with a content ratings of adult and explicit. clean returns only podcasts with a content rating of Clean. explicit returns only podcasts with a content rating of Explicit. adult returns only podcasts with a content rating of Adult only.

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