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URL Construction

GET URL Construction

Most API requests will use GET. If the specific documentation requires POST, see the section on Post service construction below.

All search request URLs start with the hostname and resemble the following sample:

After the hostname are the service name and version number:


Next is the method followed by a question mark.


Those components form the base URL.

This base URL is followed by the actual query parameters, which take the form argument=value, where the arguments and values are URL encoded. Multiple parameters are separated by an ampersand. Spaces between words require a %20 to indicate spaces. The following example searches the database files for the term rock and roll:

The api docmentation provides details on api parameters.

POST URL Construction

Using POST to communicate with the API is very similar to using GET. All search request URLs still begin with the hostname, service name, version number and method:

Note that there is no question mark following the method.

The query parameters are passed in the POST data block. They still take the form argument=value and are properly url encoded. Multiple parameters are separated by an ampersand (&).


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